• Fixed: Dashboard gps info update issue;
  • Optimization: GPS Satellite list display speed;
  • Optimization: App manage list loading performance;


  • Added: Audio file cover analysis display;
  • Added: More menu operations on the right side of a single file;
  • Added: copy and search filename;
  • Fixed: Language and theme switching could not follow the system;
  • Fix: New file strong close problem;
  • Fix: Dashboard network speed display problem;
  • Optimization: UI display;
  • Optimization: some feature performance issues;
  • Optimization: file operation result prompt;
  • Optimization: App management app size permission prompt method;


  • Restore:file explorer feature and make it better;
  • Fixed no subject and content when feedback;
  • Optimize the time display format of AppManager;


  • Restore app autostart feature;
  • Fixed sorting issue by app name;
  • Fixed duplicate display file name in trash;


  • Fix camera parameter display problem;
  • Fix some bugs;


  • Add:battery charge and discharge current;
  • Add: battery design capacity and rated capacity;
  • Add: battery charge cycle display;
  • Optimize: battery info display;


  • Restore APP2SD function;
  • Adding social media links in about menu;
  • Fix some UI display issues;


  • Adapt to Android 11 storage logic
  • Added version update history
  • Add language settings
  • Optimize the problem of sharing file names
  • Fix the problem that the restored files in the recycle bin were deleted by mistake


  • Added Android TV supported;
  • Added the first screen setting at startup;
  • Added traditional chinese support;
  • Optimized permission acquisition logic;
  • Fixed FC of location setting;
  • Fixed issue of repeated display item of trash;


  • Restore the app manager feature of the older version.
  • Add VPN shortcut of the system VPN settings.


  • All new designed and features